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    Camarillo Springs
    Golf Course

    791 Camarillo
    Springs Rd.
    Camarillo, California, 93012
    Phone: 805-484-1075
    Fax: 805-484-3970

    Golf Lessons at Camarillo Springs


    Camarillo Springs offers lessons designed for players of all levels and abilities.

    Whether you need to tune up your swing or learn the fundamentals of the sport, Camarillo Springs is where you can achieve your individual golf goals. Our top-rated program provides lessons and instruction geared to players of all levels from the beginning junior to the adult novice to the seasoned player. You can choose from private lessons, group lessons, or our outstanding Junior program.

    Call us today to discuss your needs. For more information please contact Dave Sepulveda at (805) 484-1075, ext. 26.

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